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Waltham North - Clematis Brook Branch

A quotation from "Lost Railroads of New England," by R.D. Karr:
Abandoned: 1994. Opened: 1881.

[The segment from Waltham North to Clematis Brook] was virtually the last surviving remnant of the Boston-Northampton main line of the Massachusetts Central (Central Massachusetts) RR. The Boston & Lowell RR eventually took over operation of the line in 1886, and in turned passed it to the B&M in 1887. Passenger service out of Boston was provided on the entire segment until 1958, when Hudson became the terminus. After 1965 the trains went no farther than South Sudbury. Passenger service ended altogether in 1971.

Train Schedule for Year 1956

There was no Sunday service over the branch.
To ClintonMiles To Boston
14:0016:5017:1817:520.0Boston 7:198:259:0010:46
14:0816:5817:2618:003.4Cambridge 7:138:178:5210:38
-----17:0517:3318:056.4Belmont -----8:128:46-----
14:17-----17:3718:087.4Waverly 7:058:09-----10:30
14:19-----17:4018:108.3Clematis Brook 7:018:07----------
14:2217:1117:4318:149.8Waltham (No.) 6:588:038:3910:25
14:2417:1417:4618:1710.4Waltham Highlands 6:568:008:3710:22
..... to Clinton .....     ..... from Clinton .....

Train Schedule for Year 1967

To So. Sudbury To Boston
741 740
17:37 Boston 08:18
17:44 Cambridge 08:09
17:46 West Cambridge 08:07
17:50 Clematis Brook 08:02
17:54 Waltham 07:59
17:56 Waltham Highlands 07:56
to So. Sudbury   from So. Sudbury

Area Maps (by D. Zinoviev / Google Maps)


Recent Pictures (by D. Zinoviev, 25.VI.2005)

1: Linden St. overpass    
2: Middlesex Court
3: Bacon St. crossing
4: Lunda St. 5: Main St. crossing

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